Nicole Romano Launches “Futura” In Honor of Anthony Quinn Foundation

NICOLE ROMANO BOSTON HAUTEFor all my Haute Living fashionistas, Thursday, April 6, mark your calendars for a special launch of the much anticipated, “FUTURA” collection by Nicole Romano. I invite you to be a VIP guests at the star-studded event, Thursday, April 6, 2017 at Boston’s Haute Spot, Bastille Kitchen from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The King of Restaurants and Nightlife from Boston to Miami, the one and only Seth Greenberg, owner of Bastille Kitchen opens his heart and establishment called Chalet located at Bastille Kitchen, to provide the perfect setting for Nicole Romano to share her latest new and exclusive capsule collection called “FUTURA” in support of the Anthony Quinn Foundation. Seth, our mutual long-time friend says, “It truly has been so wonderful to see such passion in all of Nicole’s work through all the years I have known her. It is a privilege to support both Nicole and The Anthony Quinn Foundation. We are honored to host such a wonderful event benefitting a wonderful cause.” And that, “Nicole is passionate about the art and craftsmanship behind her work and has pledged to keep her manufacturing roots in New England where she was born and raised. Each piece is derived from a rich history of talented, local craftsmen, working with decades of tradition behind their skills. With this in mind, Nicole studied Quinn’s private artwork for a year to create the “FUTURA” collection. The result is a collection that honors the inspiration that fueled the many creative facets of Anthony Quinn.”

Celebrities from Sarah Jessica Parker to Alicia Keys, from Rihanna to Zoe Saldana, from Rita Ora to Blake Lively, and from Diane Kruger to Steven Tyler and Kate Hudson have all had the privilege to wear and own something special by Nicole Romano. Nicole is a jewelry designer with a certain style that is specific and loved by all who have had the honor to know and wear her wonderful work. And it is an exciting collaboration that joins Nicole Romano with Katherine Quinn, Tonya Mezrich and Catherine Varitek as they host this collection launch to celebrate the Anthony Quinn Foundation. The profound impact the Foundation is having on the lives of young adults across the globe needs to be celebrated and honored as this spring the Foundation celebrates its eighth consecutive year of awarding scholarships to high school students to pursue their passion in the arts. And it is imperative to honor the arts in every way possible – and to empower young people and give them opportunities to be creative and nurture artistic talent. As Katherine Quinn puts forth, “It’s such an honor working with someone as talented as Nicole, who is living proof of how one person’s creativity can have an impact on so many lives. Anthony would have been so thrilled to know that his work inspired this collection that will help support the young artists of the future.” And as Jason Varitek, Red Sox Hall of Famer who is not only a friend, but also supporter, says, “Keeping the arts alive means keeping imagination alive for our children.” Furthermore, Jason plans to attend this special event in honor of Nicole and the Anthony Quinn Foundation as he shares that as a proud father, his own 17 year old daughter Ally Varitek has been involved in the arts since she was young and in fact, had been cast as the star of her high school production of “Legally Blonde.” So therefore, he wants to help and to make sure to give back and support the arts by supporting the Anthony Quinn Foundation’s efforts. I had the privilege and pleasure to chat with Nicole Romano as she shared who inspires her and why and to talk more about this special collection, the Anthony Quinn Foundation and so forth. I invite you to come meet Nicole and see her amazing new collection on Thursday and be ready to not only build you jewelry collection, but do so while giving back – and helping Katherine Quinn’s mission to help raise funds for the Anthony Quinn Foundation – all for a good cause – the arts!!


Here is my talk with Nicole Romano:

Who inspires you?
I am inspired by individuals who leave a creative and cultural legacy long after they are gone. Maria Felix is a good example; her individuality and inimitable style separated her from the rest. She was a true jewelry connoisseur and lived by no one’s rules but her own.

What inspires you?
Stories, history, found objects, emotions, the weather… Anything and everything that moves me, it can be a person or as simple as a grain of sand.

What is your favorite color?
I have never met a color I didn’t love.
What can one expect to see Thursday, April 6th as you launch your Futura Collection at Chalet at Bastille Kitchen in Boston?
One will walk through a timeline of inspiration starting from the actual pieces of art by Anthony Quinn that fueled my inspiration for the FUTURA collection. I will be present to share my story of inspiration and design while enjoying Bastille Kitchen’s famous artisan cocktails.

What inspired you to participate and launch your jewelry collection at Chalet in Boston?
It’s important to me that the launch takes place in New England for many reasons. I was born and educated in New England. My jewelry is entirely handmade in Providence by manufacturers who come from generations of jewelry craftsmen. Most importantly, Anthony Quinn created a great deal of his artwork here. Seth Greenberg’s gorgeous space in Fort Point is the perfect for the showcase for this collection launch. His artistic talents have been the benchmark of numerous, successful hospitality ventures. The Chalet at Bastille Kitchen is the perfect example of this thinking.

March was women’s history month, who are the three women who inspire you the most?
Mary Alice Stephenson who is a renowned fashion and beauty expert, humanitarian and the founder and force behind GLAM4GOOD. She has been the recipient of many awards and honors for her dedication and work building GLAM4GOOD including Life Camp’s Deepak Chopra Visionary Award, Most Innovative People Award by The United Nation’s World Summit Of Innovation and many more.
Fashion visionary, Patricia Field, who looks at the world in a different stylistic prism and has changed the way women dress.
My mother who has taught me inner strength, unconditional love, the importance of hard work and of course, how to apply mascara.
Who is your favorite artist?
My father, whose paintings sit on the walls of my NYC showroom.

Who is your Favorite musician? Your favorite music?
My music choices span from classic rock to Rihanna. I love mashups and unexpected covers.

What is the story you are sharing through your work in this collection?
I am sharing the effects art has on mankind. In this case, it has inspired me to create a collection with a higher purpose. The collection tells a story of my studies on Quinn’s estate. Step by step, the details of geometric fluidity and focused movement transcended into my jewelry. This collection is a vehicle giving the gift of education to young adults with a focused vision and drive towards their passion in the arts.

What is your favorite place in Boston?
Scooting around the harbor in a Water Taxi.

What is your typical day look like?
I am grateful to say that no day is typical and work can mean many different things.. Working can mean sketching on a beach in Costa Rica or speaking to high school students pursuing fashion vocations.. It can mean rolling my sleeves up at the factory and spend hours sorting through gemstones for a new collection. The one thing that happens everyday is I write out multiple, color coded, bolded and underlined “things to do” lists. If you know me, you know my lists.

Favorite Charity? I know the event is not only to honor you in launching your divine collection, but also to raise funds for and honor the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program, what is the precise goal of the event and what exactly does this charitable organization do? In what way can my readers participate and join in to help the efforts toward generating greater success?

Thank you! This evening is about appreciating Anthony Quinn’s artistic contribution to us. It is about celebrating the impact his work still has on the younger generations pursuing the arts.
Anthony Quinn Foundation, founded by his wife Katherine Quinn, creates and administers innovative programs to advance the idea that art, in all its forms, is essential to learning and the enrichment of the mind. Our mission is to advocate for the important role arts education plays in personal development and in the overall improvement of social, economic and cultural systems. Central to the pursuit of the Foundation’s mission is the life story of Anthony Quinn.  His artistic legacy inspires young adults; learning about the challenges of his youth and the ways in which he overcame them helps inspire confidence in their own creative potential.
The evening of the 6th will be the official collection unveiling and guests can shop while 100% of the proceeds will go to the Foundation. Our goal at the event is to sell out of the collection! If your readers are unable to attend our event, I am excited to announce the collection will go live on – April 10th!

Favorite Fitness Activity? Favorite Fitness Facility in Boston?
Yoga has remained and important and meaningful part of my life… but so has killer work outs that challenges me every time. Core Power Yoga is this marriage made in heaven.

Do you practice Yoga and/or Meditation?
Yes and yes. Both have thought me to be peaceful and fearless at the same time.

Your favorite theatre?
Charles Playhouse.

Albeit, the event is at Bastille Kitchen, one of Boston’s best restaurants, question, what is your favorite dish at Bastille Kitchen and in addition to Bastille Kitchen, your favorite restaurant? Favorite Food?
Moules Marinière while sipping a Genevieve! Other than Bastille Kitchen, Reno’s is one of my favorite neighborhood gems. I love culinary adventures!

What is your most memorable experience in Boston?
The two most memorable experiences were when Red Sox Hall of Famer Jason Varitek wore a Nicole Romano bracelet during his Boston Red Sox retirement speech and when Steven Tyler wore a Nicole Romano bracelet during hand impression ceremony, making Rock & Roll history. This cement in now front of the “Aerosmith House” at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue – where the band lived in the 70s.

Your one year goal?
My one year goal is to continue growing my e-commerce business with new divisions such as charity, men’s bridal and home décor.

Your five year goal?
To be somewhere, doing something that I could not even imagine right now.

And most important message that you want to share with my Haute Living readers?
With a little inspiration, anything is possible. Imagination is the pulse of life.

NICOLE ROMANO JEWELLRY ON LEAFNICOLE ROMANONICOLE ROMANO NECKLACENR EARRINGSNR MAKING OF JEWELLRYNR STUD EARRINGSNICOLE ROMANO FULL IMAGE HAUTEChalet is located at 49 Melcher Street in Boston, Massachusetts 02210, at Bastille Kitchen. For more information about Nicole Romano you can visit her website. Likewise for more information about The Anthony Quinn Foundation.