Weekend Roundup: Haute Happenings in London

Over the weekend, haute happening included the opening of Princess Diana’s Fashion exhibition at Kensington Palace, Burberry’s Makers House and crowdfunding began for a David Bowie sculpture in Brixton. 


“Diana: Her Fashion Story” Exhibition

Fashion icon and much adored member of the monarchy, Princess Diana remains a shining beacon of British elegance. This weekend guests queued up to celebrate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, in the new exhibition at Kensington Palace. The late princess’ style was a global fascination and her fans followed the evolution of her fashion choices, she was an inspiration to designers and admirers worldwide. The exhibition invites fans to observe the transition of Diana’s choice in couture from her conservative inauguration days, to her more daring ensembles later in life. The exhibition also displays the infamous velvet dress she wore when she danced with John Travolta at the White House.  Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at: www.hrp.org.uk


Photo Credit: hrp.org.uk


Burberry X Henry Moore Exhibition at Makers House

It’s often forgotten that couture is an ever changing reflection of our shared history and culture. From clothes to sculptures, all artists credit societal influence for their ultimate creations.  Burberry’s February 2017 Collection  was a glorious reminder of this, recognising Henry Moore, one of Britain’s greatest sculptors, as the inspiration behind their latest creations. Supported by the Henry Moore Foundation, guests were treated to some of Moore’s most famous sculptures integrated with Burberry mannequins dressed in the latest collection. The blatant side-by-side comparisons were ethereal and beautiful, forcing the observer to appreciate the inspiration behind all creativity which we frequently take for granted.

show.burberry.comPhoto Credit: show.burberry.com

David Bowie Memorial Sculpture

As a brilliant performer and fashion inspiration, the world is still mourning the loss of British superstar David Bowie. Few things represent the late Bowie better than the iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt, often seen adorning t-shirts or artistically graffitied in public art districts. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched with the goal of raising £990,000 to fund the construction of a tribute in the form of a three-story lightning bolt near his birthplace in Brixton, London. Organised by a group of south London designers who go by the name of This Ain’t Rock and Roll, the group worked with Bowie’s team in London and New York on the blue and red steel memorial. As a bold salute to a man who advocated unrestrained honesty in self expression, we somehow suspect Ziggy Stardust would approve.


David-Bowie-LOTIjpgPhoto Credit: theguardian.com