Croatia: An Adriatic Luxury Experience

I spent two amazing weeks traveling throughout Croatia and was in constant awe of the country’s beauty. It’s by far one of the most breathtaking countries I’ve been to and now understand why it’s become a major hotspot and popular tourist destination.

Island hopping is a must when visiting Croatia, especially in the summer months. I spent time on the islands of Hvar, Vis and Brac and all were worth visiting. I also went to Split which is not only the main port city for getting to the islands but also full of cute restaurants and bars. Gem-colored water alongside forest trees make up the coastlines—the vibrant greenery combined with the traditional orange colored European rooftops and royal blue water makes for a truly unique landscape. The entire country is breathtaking and worth exploring, but the old city of Dubrovnik is what made my Croatia experience completely magical.

Overlooking Old Town Dubrovnik

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, and Dubrovnik is one of their primary filming locations —admittedly it’s one of the things that inspired me to book a trip to Croatia in the first place. Old Town Dubrovnik has been very well maintained and still looks like it did hundreds of years ago. As I walked through the Old Town castle gates, it’s as if I was transported back in time. I felt like I was on a medieval times movie set.

Walking the city walls in Old Town is a must—and be sure to stop and take pictures, the views are incredible. The main street in Old Town is called the Stradun and it’s always buzzing with people, especially during the summer months. I recommend exploring the cobblestone side streets and alleys off Stradun where you’ll stumble upon tons of charming boutiques and restaurants. Tucked away in one of those alleys is Gil’s Little Bistro, which is a gem worth checking out for some incredible food. Local ingredients are bought fresh daily with what is in season, combined with the finest imports, giving quality you can taste. The truffle burrata pizza and truffle risotto are a few of my favorites off the menu.

If you want to experience the nightlife in Dubrovnik, check out the local bars in Old Town where you’ll find both locals and tourists, and for a unique nightclub experience, Revelin is the biggest night club in Old Town located high within the old castle walls. Croatians know how to party!

In Dubrovnik I booked my stay with Adriatic Luxury Hotels and had the opportunity to experience two of their finest hotels in their “Escape Collection”: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace and Gran Villa Argentina.

Dubrovnik Palace

Located on the Adriatic Coast with breathtaking views of the Elafiti Islands and just a few miles outside of Old Town, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is the perfect seaside escape for business or pleasure. The 5-star contemporary luxury resort offers plenty of amenities including water sports, a PADI diving center, 3 swimming pools, a private beach, tennis court, and more. Every room and suite has a sea view, and I stayed in one of their spacious luxury suites. Although it’s not walking distance from the Old Town, it’s still a great place to stay in Dubrovnik.

Hotel Gran Villa Argentina is also situated on the Adriatic Sea with stunning views of Old Town and it’s less than a ten minute walk from the castle gates. It’s centrally location in Dubrovnik and I loved having the option to take a short walk to Old Town whenever I wanted. Propped up on a steep cliff and surrounded by ancient architectural remains, forest and sea scape, Grand Villa Argentina is in the most prestigious part of Dubrovnik and the property itself instantly takes your breath away. I stayed on the villa side, and attached is the modern sister building called “Hotel Argentina”. The Adriatic views, lush terraced gardens and regal architecture made me feel like I was in a dreamy fairytale, and my favorite part was waking up with a cup of coffee on my balcony with the best view of the colorful red roofs of Old Town.

The Adriatic Luxury Hotels’ 5-star collection of properties makes for a special Croatian experience.

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