Top 5 Picks: From Fall Fashionistas in the UAE

Top 5 Looks for Fall  

As the season, changes all over the world, fashionistas and experts on fashion start forecasting what everyone will be wearing in fall. The biggest trends may be easy to point out since there were a few recurring themes whether we talk about the fashion week in Paris or it is the NY fashion week that is being considered. The high-fashion fall 2016 runways sported mostly new trends when it comes to dressing for fall. Nevertheless, some holdovers, such as thoughtful layering and statement fur continued their reign from fall last year. The new trends included chokers and an abundance of ruffles.  

The biggest trend that soon becomes evident as you follow fall fashion around the world is that the season is to be disregarded when deciding what to wear! This was especially the case in the US since the country has seen warm weather almost all winter. This resulted in fall collections that one might have expected during the spring. Instead of the chunky coats and thick trousers, you would have seen delicate slip dresses and off-the-shoulder tops in floral prints! Here we present five of the biggest trends that were quite obvious in fashion shows and fall collections all around the globe:


Chokers Blouses & Florals

This season, all your plain white shirts need to find some space at the back of your closet where they can languish! In fact, simply trade them for decorative blouses. The idea is for you to have blouses in lots of colors, especially ones that are dark jewel toned. Use your blouse to make a statement, which means they can be as theatrical as Marc Jacob’s neck bows or simply sport floral prints. Statement blouses are well on their way to make having a tailored jacket redundant.




Plaid was splashed all over the runways during the New York Fashion Week. In fact, it was not just ubiquitous but was the material that designers chose to display with their very own twist. It was a part of the Calvin Klein Collection in the form of loose-fitting dresses with asymmetrical hemlines. It was also present in Victoria Beckham’s namesake brand when its fall collection made an appearance. Beckham’s version was a collection that blurred the gender lines.

Plaid Dress

Ruffles and Draping

A look at the Fashion Week in Paris tells us that ruffles were a common fall 2016 trend there. If you are thinking a little ruffle here and a mini ruffle there, then you are completely wrong! The collections on display on the runways sported a lot of ruffles. The ruffle trend started from Milan and has taken over the Parisian fashion scene at least until this season ends. Sin fact, stop worrying about going overboard with ruffles, and throw the rulebook that tells you anything about a structured and polished look out the window. The only outfits that were not smothered in ruffles were the ones that were featuring draping details. Now, let us talk about where the ruffles could be seen. They were everywhere; you could spot ruffled sleeves, there were ruffles on the collars, as well as, ruffles encasing the models’ legs. Junya Watanabe’s collection actually sported dresses with ruffles on the heads. Had you looked at Givenchy’s ruffle experimentation, you would have found that even the straps were made of ruffles.

Ruffled Blouse


The fall collection in NY city had been wrapped in a velveteen film, this year. The fabrication makes its come back this fall in all forms. Models wearing casual velvet pants were visible to the eye while there was also velvet evening wear. Ralph Lauren jumped in the velvet fray with impressive velvet gowns in different colors. Lacoste’s Baptista encased casual track suits with the trendy fabric, claiming that it would help the athlete stay warm. Then there was Marc Jacob’s fall collection that paid homage to looks from the previous seasons while nodding at the future. His collection included slouchy velvet dresses.

Velvet Sare Blouse

Animal Prints

This season is big on including all kinds of animal prints when it comes to fashion. Most designers make leopard print a part of their collection but there are signature looks. For instance, Miu Miu prefers white leopard over other kinds and the inspiration is evident in the designed dresses. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton will opt for a tone that makes the leopard’s spots look like splatters. Then there is Saint Laurent that offers leopard print pieces that are either in their original form or could be a different color, such as black, yellow, or white. Their Kenzo line includes smaller spots. Lastly, there is the Roberto Cavalli collection that is constructed out of midi skirts and mini dresses all resplendent in leopard print. The collection also featured flowing dresses employing the same print. However, Cavalli’s leopard print uses bold colors like orange, red, and white to bring out the blackness of the spots.

Bold Animal Prints


Well, this was our summation of the biggest trends that will be ruling the fashion scene, this year. What do you intend to wear this fall? Will you go for a blouse with a bold floral print or are you going to indulge in a little ruffle-dipping? Let us know in the comments section!