Kate Moss Gets Naked for LA-Based Cashmere Brand Campaign

 NC Kate Moss 2Photo Credit: Naked Cashmere/Peter Lindbergh

Kate Moss is getting naked for a new campaign. Yes, you read that right.

The British supermodel has, in fact, been snapped for Naked Cashmere‘s inaugural campaign. The Los Angeles-based brand’s first e-commerce campaign was shot by famed fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh and created by David Lipman. 

Moss, 42, is absolutely stunning in the campaign. The black and white shots show her in an au natural light, practically makeup free. There is a certain rawness to the photographs that speak to the wholesome nature of the brand.

“When I’m on a shoot I go to a different place in my mind. Clothes make you feel a certain way, and you move in that way and play a character. When I first put on Naked Cashmere,” says Moss, who adds, “I didn’t feel like I was anyone other than myself. It was really amazing.  And working with Peter Lindbergh on the shoot made things even more special.  I’ve worked with Peter for many years and he has known me since I was very young, so together we were able to express what Naked Cashmere is all about. I was so comfortable working with him and I think the campaign feels really true to who I am.”

Industry veterans and company founders Bruce and Leslie Gifford want consumers to feel as comfortable and self-aware in their threads as Moss does which was, in part, why they founded Naked Cashmere. The other reason was purely that they were ready to try something new, and, after a trip to inner Mongolia, decided to branch out and create an entirely e-commerce company.

The new line of 100% cashmere products, of which include sweaters, cardigans, scarves and more, will launch on September 1and will retail exclusively at nakecashmere.com.

NC Kate Moss 1Photo Credit: Naked Cashmere/Peter Lindbergh