A Permanent Solution to Fuller Eyebrows from Dr. Anthony Bared

dr bared eyebrows

Have you noticed that your eyebrows have thinned? Do you desire to have fuller eyebrows that look natural? The latest trends are for full, thick eyebrows yet women’s eyebrows may thin due to over-plucking or with aging. Men, too, can lose their eyebrows with age. Now with the advances in hair transplantation, it has become possible to restore full, natural, and permanent eyebrows. Modern techniques in hair transplantation allow for hair to be transplanted into the eyebrows, restoring their youthful density. Hair transplantation is no longer limited to those seeking to restore a more youthful head of hair. In fact, the largest growing component of my hair restoration practice is facial hair restoration (i.e. eyebrow and beard transplantation). If you’re unsure, here’s what you need to know:

How do our eyebrows thin?

We can lose the density of our eyebrows for various reasons. Genetics (what we inherit from mom and dad) may predispose us to having thin eyebrows or to losing the density of our eyebrows with age. Men tend to lose the outer half of their eyebrows with age. The most common reason for women presenting with thin eyebrows in my practice is due to their having over-plucked the eyebrows. If eyebrow hair is repeatedly plucked, it will thin out and eventually stop growing. After years of over-plucking, many patients present  a strong desire to restore a fuller appearance to their eyebrows. (If you are concerned about thinning eyebrows, it is best to seek a consultation from a hair loss and restoration specialist as there can also be other underlying medical causes for eyebrow hair loss).

Is eyebrow transplantation permanent?

Yes. The hairs are typically transplanted from the scalp to best mimic the eyebrow hairs. These transplanted hairs can be treated like any other natural eyebrow hair. The goal of eyebrow transplantation is not to create the “perfect” eyebrow but rather to restore fullness to the eyebrows. The hairs can then be groomed to the desired shape of the eyebrow in the future. Unlike permanent makeup, the eyebrow shape can always be altered and tailored to different shapes. Since the hairs are transplanted from the scalp, they will need to be groomed to maintain a desired length.

Who is a candidate for eyebrow transplantation?

Both women and men seeking to have a fuller appearance to their eyebrows may be candidates for an eyebrow transplantation. In some cases, women present to my clinic having had permanent makeup in the past to give the appearance of fuller eyebrows. These women now desire a more natural appearance to their eyebrows. Hair restoration can be performed in many of these cases, replacing hair over the tattooed eyebrow to give a natural appearance to the eyebrow. It is important to be evaluated by a hair loss and restoration specialist. A hair restoration specialist will be able to evaluate your candidacy for a procedure.

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