Posh Polo Beyond The Hamptons

The Mashomack International Polo Challenge All photos: Peter T. Michaelis
The Mashomack International Polo Challenge Photo: Peter T. Michaelis

Not everything posh and stylish takes place in the Hamptons in summer. While most of New York looks East when the temperatures heat up, polo lovers look North, to hunt country, aka Millbrook, New York. While polo certainly has its Hamptons fans, consider that over 1000 guests came out to watch the Mashomack International Polo Challenge, held in Pine Plains, in Dutchess County. If that doesn’t say we’re in serious horse country, what else would?

The event, held at the Mashomack Preserve Club, traditionally kicks off the summer social season in the area and while it’s not as avidly covered as the Hamptons party circuit, the area’s tweedy set (think cotton tweeds in June and July) tends to like it that way. The gathering began with a Champagne reception, followed by a field-side luncheon, where everyone could wine and dine and still enjoy all the action.

Teresa and Bruce Colley
Teresa and Bruce Colley Photo: Cutty McGill

So who attended? Bruce Colley, Teresa Colley, John Klopp, Karen Klopp, Parker Gentry, K. Cooper Ray, Cece Cord, Nina Criscom, Fernanda Kellogg, Diandra Douglas, Peter Pierce, Steven Sare, Cathy Baker, Adam Klopp, Meghan Horstmann, David McDonald, Nicky McDonald, Alp Ozaman, Susan Meyer, Joe Meyer, Gwen Tetirick, Marion De Vogel, Max Goodwin, Nick Bienstock, Moira Bienstock, Jake Klopp, Elizabeth Quartararo, Pam Taylor, Eddie Taylor, Taylor Stubin, Cindy Rinfret, Sylvia Langlois, Max Langlois, Don Langlois, James Flexner, Tom Flexner, Debin Flexner, Uwe Zimmerman and Kristina Zimmerman.

Taylor Stubin, Cece Cord, Cindy Rinfret, and Parker Gentry (Photo: Cutty McGill)
Peter Pierce, Raquel Chevremont, Steven Sare, and Mickalene Thomas (Photo Credit:Cutty McGill)

Thirty-two horses and 20 players took to the field. The team lineup included, for Team Germany: Uwe Zimmerman, John Klopp, Alessandro Balestri and Julio Ezcurra; Team Dream Hotels: Davis Colley, Max Langlois, Tatin Zubarrie, Ian MacTaggart; Team Hillrock Distillery: Oakleigh Thorne, Craig Callen, Gason Lisioli, Guy Merison; Quest Magazine: Adam Klopp, Hannah Buchan, Trevi Zoda,  Nick Beanstock; and Team Lavazza Coffee: Bruce Colley, Philip MacTaggart, Agusho Zavaleta and Don Langlois.

Team Germany/Mercedes Wappinger Falls fought off the four other challengers to claim the victory of the day.

James Flexner, Gwen Tetirick (Photo Credit Peter T. Michaelis)
James Flexner and Gwen Tetirick (Photo: Peter T. Michaelis)

This year’s event, sponsored by Turkish Airlines, benefited Pine Plains Fire Hose and Rescue Company, Ronald McDonald House and the New York State Trooper Foundation.