5 Haute Texas Tequilas to Drink on National Tequila Day

July 24th is National Tequila day and taking into consideration the grand affection and popularity of Mexican food in Texas, it’s no surprise that Texans have learned a thing or two about tequila. Playfully referred to as cactus juice, before making its metamorphosis into the popular, smooth, full-bodied beverage it begins its journey in the red volcanic soils of Mexico, which are well suited to grow blue agave.

The rows of jagged, spiky leaves create an infinite field of starbursts that dot the horizon before they are harvested to become one of the four categories of tequila including, silver, gold, reposado or anejo. Although in order for a spirit to be called tequila it must be made in Mexico that has not managed to stop Texas from creating their very own. In 1978 Mexico established a law that set the standard of where and how tequila had to be made. Now there are thousands of brands saturating the market that are produced by only a few hundred Mexican tequila distilleries; and Texas has a strong presence.

From making the perfect shot to a delicious margarita, Haute Living found the top 5 Texas Tequilas that are guaranteed to make you yell Viva la Mexico!