Sotheby’s To Auction Shirley Temple’s Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring


The household name Shirley Temple will now be remembered through more than a popular non-alcoholic beverage. The world’s first real child star was a woman of many talents. Temple could do it all. She was a singer, actress, dancer, and eventually a political public servant. Perhaps the most underrated facet of the icon however, was her style.

Temple rose to fame at the tender age of 3 and when the starlette turned 12 she received a gift not many tweens could claim. Before commencing her role in the 1940’s classic “The Blue Bird,” Temple’s father gave her the gift of a lifetime. It was a 9.54-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond worth an estimated $7,210 at the time. According to Sotheby’s, who will be offering the ring at their April 19th New York jewelry auction, the sentimental stone is now worth $25 million to $35 million with inflation rates.

Frank Everett, sales director of Sotheby’s New York notes, “Shirley Temple helped to lift America’s spirits out of the Great Depression, and served her country in many capacities throughout the remainder of her life.”
Sotheby’s is providing a platform for Shirley Temple to be remembered for the beauty and sophistication that she evoked as the generation’s most famous star. The multi-faceted power woman died of natural causes a mere two years ago. The Fancy Deep Blue diamond ring is a testament to a woman who changed the face of fame forever.

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Temple wore the ring as she was sworn in as a UN delegate in 1969
Temple wore the ring as she was sworn in as a UN delegate in 1969 via BBC