Talking Super Bowl With Honorary San Franciscan Marva Hanks

Merton Hanks and Marva Hanks
Merton Hanks and Marva Hanks

Photo Credit: Digna Toledo Photography LLC

You could not overlook Marva Hanks if you tried. She is incredibly beautiful, very well dressed and has a personality that quickly illuminates any room she enters. Hanks is a woman of many talents. She dedicates her time to her thriving business efforts, serving in her community and encouraging everyone with whom she comes in contact. In addition to being a modern day Wonder Woman, she is the mother of two gorgeous daughters — Maya and Milan, and the wife of retired San Francisco 49er and current NFL Vice President of Player Operations, Merton Hanks.

Super Bowl weekend has been a part of Marva Hanks’s annual calendar since she first attended in 1991. She doesn’t recall too much of the game itself, but she remembers being wide eyed and excited by the warm welcome from a mixed crowd of NFL Hall of Famers, players and their families. Whitney Houston opened the Super Bowl game that year with an incredible rendition of the national anthem and the New York Giants secured the national championship title after a missed field goal from the Buffalo Bills within the final seconds of the game.

Almost 25 years later, and just days before the big game returns to the Bay Area, we revisit all things Super Bowl with the honorary San Francisco local to get the rundown on what to wear, visit and eat during Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl weekend is offers an array of exciting events, from alliinclusive public events to private tailgate parties. This year, Hanks will be kicking off her Super Bowl Week on Wednesday evening at the San Francisco Symphony and NFL Films event hosted by Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen and taking place at Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall.

She is currently leaning toward a very chic and comfortable white Gucci jumpsuit paired with a black boucle sweater from Long Tall Sally. She makes being 6′5″ and stylish look so effortless, but she also credits shops like Long Tall Sally and blogs like “The Tall Society” and “Tall Swag” for being sources of inspiration.

When asked about her personal style, Hanks answer was simple and straightforward. “Comfort is key,” she responded with a smile. As for the game, and outdoor events, Hanks is staying true to her personal brand. She suggests comfort and layers, especially considering San Francisco’s unpredictable weather. “With San Francisco you never know. It can be as cold as winter or it can be as beautiful as being on a beach.” Also, with there being a chance of rain during the weekend, Hanks ensures that she’ll be tucking her a beanie hat into her one of her tote bags for the entirety of the weekend.

In addition to taking in all that Super Bowl weekend has to offer, Hanks has plans to revisit some of her favorite stores and restaurants in the Bay Area. “[I’m] looking forward to meeting friends at Crustaceans and my sister-in-love and nephew at Enssaro.”

A familiar sense of excitement filled the room when Hanks shared that her two daughters would be joining her and her husband at the Super Bowl this year. “They haven’t been to the new Levi’s Stadium, so we’re looking forward to that.” The Hanks family resided mainly in East Bay from 1991-1998, so seeing family and friends from their former neighborhoods will absolutely be a highlight during their weekend.

Hanks did have some special pieces made that she hopes she and her daughters get to wear sometime during the weekend. “We did have some tops made—because this wasn’t the trend when Merton was playing—by Leah of Bella Artistry. They have the NFL [logo] on them and on the back it says Hanks with his number on it.”

Whether this is your first Super Bowl weekend or your 21st, Hanks’s advice is short and sweet, “pace yourself.”

The Hanks
The Hanks: Milan, Merton, Marva and Maya

Photo Credit: Digna Toledo Photography LLC