Miami’s Premier Natural Aesthetic Physician – Dr. Shapiro

It’s safe to say Dr. Jason Shapiro has become one of the leading, most celebrated, aesthetic experts in South Florida. We sat down with him and asked him what made his work stand out as different from the many other doctors and surgeons trying to make it on the cosmopolitan city of South Beach.


Dr. Shapiro merged with one of the leading anti-aging and wellness practice in Florida in 2009- Tribeca Medaesthetics.  Expanded to include plastic surgery, the partnership grew into a surgical center based in the city of Miami Beach. At Tribeca they understand that surgery is not a one size fits all experience, thus everything they do is individualized and customized.

“Everyone must leave here with a great experience. And they do. That’s the rule that we live by in this office. I prefer to do as many procedures as possible under local anesthesia, avoiding the dangers of general anesthesia as well as keeping the recovery period as short as possible,” explained Dr. Shapiro.

In terms of the future of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Shapiro brings clarity and a fresh perspective to an industry that is diluted with physicians who lost a sense of natural beauty. He specializes and guides patients towards less invasive procedures and techniques. This translates to better outcomes with shorter healing time and less risk to the patient. In general taking the minimally invasive approach to procedures without general anesthesia translates to lower cost, less risk, and minimal down time post procedure.


Over the last two years, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for lip augmentation with younger and younger patients. Dr. Shapiro area of expertise comes from what they call “The Kardashian Effect”. For some reason, more and more women want to create a very strong first impression with voluptuous, well defined lips. And we make that happen for them.

The standards of women’s lifestyles keep getting higher every day. Women are more independent than ever and we are empowering ourselves and those around us tremendously- proving to the world that we can and will do anything we set our minds to. For example we have two women running for president!

Living in an international cosmopolitan city like Miami, how you look seems to be the calling card in how you are valued. We see so many fashion trends influencing all aspects of women’s lives, from their clothes to their cosmetic procedures. The best advice Dr. Shapiro has ever given to his patients has been to not be influenced by what they see on television or read online — but to feel good in their own skin.

“I want to make it possible for women to look as good as they feel, and to have a positive self-image. Small procedures like lip augmentation are great for reinforcing this message.   In our office, you can be in and out within 30 minutes with this procedure. The consultation is ten minutes and the procedure is no more than fifteen minutes including a 6-point dental block to ensure a pain-free, fun experience.  Simple, easy and effective.”


Dr. Shapiro has started to gear to a younger demographic through social media. Instagram has been an effective platform in every market, it increases exposure targeted to a younger demographic. The key to their success with lip augmentation is that their results are natural looking. They don’t want anyone to leave the office looking “done”.

 “I work within the framework that your lips already have. In a city that is synonymous with huge lip procedures, we want our patients to stand out with a natural healthy look.”

Dr. Shapiro’s ideal patient would be A-list celebrity and actress Sofia Vergara. Not only because of her enchanting accent, but because she is known for her natural beauty. “I love that she does not appear overly augmented at all. She looks age appropriate and she works within her natural boundaries. Your goal should be to look naturally youthful without any obvious sign of a procedure done,” Dr Shapiro.

It’s Shapiro’s natural look for lip augmentation that draws both the younger and older demographic of patients. In general, these women, including European patients, come in for three simple procedures: lip augmentation, cheekbone enhancement, and Botox.  Within 7 days, they’re back on a photoshoot looking as youthful as ever.  In my opinion, every woman in Miami needs a beautiful set of lips.


One of the most important aspects of surgery is the recovery, we asked Dr. Shapiro how he managed to keep up with all the procedures having such a large base of clientele. He explained that having a very strong line of communication with their patients is a standard practice. Spearheaded by their patient coordinator Johnathan Lopez, who has 15 years of experience working in cosmetic surgery.  Communication is everything!

Do you consider yourself more of an artist or a doctor? When did you decide to become an architect of the human face to say the least. 

JS: There are elements of both that are needed to be successful in this field of medicine. I was a medical student in the emergency room and I saw traumatic accident on a woman where she had been thrown from her motorcycle without a helmet. I was amazed at how the plastic surgeon assigned to the case was able to recreate how she originally looked yet made her more youthful in her appearance despite the injury. That was my eureka moment.

If you could give the “crème de la crème” tips on avoiding bad plastic surgery, what would they be?

JS: Do your research online. Yelp reviews, Real Self reviews, and Google are a great first step in researching your procedure and doctor. It’s important to see a lot of before and after photos of the procedure you are interested in. Procedure outcomes are critical to the decision process. You are only as good as your last procedure. Lastly, meet the doctor in person. There should be strong rapport developed between you the physician. He or she should answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable moving forward. Anything less is a red flag for getting the procedure done with this person.

To what extent do you think you have changed people’s lives?

JS: I think I have been a positive influence in our patient’s lives.  I give them more self-confidence on how they look and feel, making them more productive in their personal and professional lives.

Lastly, your main goal for the practice and it’s patients.  

Our goal is to treat all aspects of your health, not just your physical appearance.We want our patients to feel as good as they look, functioning at optimum levels in their daily routine with a natural healthy look.