That’s Haute – Roland Iten’s Luxurious Belt Buckles

Rolen Iten - Haute Living

Gentlemen who care as much about their belt buckles as they do their timepieces will certainly appreciate the offerings from Roland Iten, the Swiss designer whose cleverness knows no limits when it comes to luxury objects. Iten is renowned for his high-complication, mechanical belt buckles, 100 percent made in Switzerland with the same processes and materials used in fine watchmaking. Above, we feature three of his most exclusive pieces. Starting at the left is the unique R82 Cobra, with seven axels, 150 components with a 30-millimeter expansion range, and offered in red gold with titanium. In the middle is the R822 Raptor. This limited-edition buckle—with only 22 made worldwide—features nine axels, 178 components, with a 30-millimeter expansion range, and comes in solid white gold and titanium with 246 TW VVS1+ round diamonds (1.57-carat) decorating the buckle expansion lever. On the right is the R8 Mark II Driver, made with black steel, titanium and red gold with seven axels, 105 components and an expansion range of 30 millimeters. This is truly the way to buckle up in style!