The Perfect Art Basel Jacket

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There are two things that you can be sure about December in Miami it won’t be snowing and Art Basel will be taking over most of Miami Beach with non stop events day and night. You can never be sure exactly where you will be, so you need a jacket like those created by Casa de Novelas which are made to transition from day to night easily. Thanks to there not overly formal design, superb quality and design these jackets are made to keep you looking stylish even in the Miami heat.

Case de Novelas was started by Daniel Novela, a corporate lawyer who is passionate about art and design and studied it in Florence at the age of nineteen. This was the trip for Novela that unlocked his understanding for art and design in the Italian style.

“That’s when I really fell in love with art in a completely different way, I understood it in a much different way. I understood its significance, how it affected the Italians with the renaissance and everything and just kind of how it changed the world,” he said.

The idea has been 10 years in the making for Novela, who two years ago finally made his vision a reality and found a solution to a problem he himself had of wanting to wear a beautiful jacket in any temperature without having to compromise on comfort.

“I really like to wear blazers, it’s really my thing I enjoy dressing up. But like most men I don’t like to be uncomfortably hot. I wanted something beautifully done, I didn’t want to compromise, but at the same time I wanted it to be extremely light and appropriate for Miami, Ibiza, St. Barths, that kind of environment,” he said.

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To achieve this he deconstructed jackets to the point were they have no lining, so every quality stitch and seam is visible to the wearer, while keeping a more relaxed shape that is 100% made in Italy along with the rest of the jacket from the fabric to the buttons, top to bottom.

“Jackets with no lining at all not even in the sleeves, so it’s almost like wearing a shirt yet when you wear it,it has the shape of a very structured jacket,” he said. “…the Italians have something special, they have this nonchalant style and it really comes from the way that they make the jacket and the fabrics that they use. Our jackets are 100% Made in Italy and 100% designed in Miami Beach.”

As for the perfect jacket for Art Basel, Novela recommends the Salinas jacket named after the white sand beach in Ibiza, Spain. But don’t be afraid to pick from one of the other four styles also named after some of the creator’s favorite places: Guinones a surfing beach in Costa Rica, Kamalame a private island resort in the Bahamas, Samana beach in the Dominican Republic and 3rd street right here in Miami Beach.