Where the Most Exclusive Toys in Dallas Go to See and Be Seen

shutterstock_212733760In case you haven’t looked at your calendar lately  it’s December. It’s the happiest season of all and the most wonderful time of year. It’s also the month that creates total chaos with budgets and schedules, as well as utter frustration as you battle crowds and try to figure out what toy will incite the most squeals on Christmas morning.

Because Santa.

We always suggest shopping local because it’s the best way to get excellent customer service and find the most unique items. This is especially true during the Holidays. For every children’s gift you are looking for we suggest starting at The Toy Maven at Preston Royal Shopping Center.The’ve just opened a new location in Southlake, too. This is not a big, sophisticated toy store designed to impress adults. It is a chaotic adventure through Toyland that will capture a child’s attention every step if the way.

Samples of the toys are unboxed on the shelves and in the aisles to allow children to try them out. This is so helpful for those with children who can’t (or don’t) communicate their desires aloud. A few minutes of observation on your part will let you know exactly what your child is drawn to, what captured their attention the longest, and what caused frustration. From that point it’s pretty easy to choose what goes under the tree.Photo Credit: The Toy Maven/FacebookThe Toy Maven carries both indoor and outdoor toys for all ages. Because they are a Lego gold standard store they get first releases of Legos plus the more exclusive sets that find their way into just a few toy stores. There are also “green” toys made from 100 percent recycled materials. In fact, we saw a little of everything from the classic board games everyone grew up playing to the unique, stress relieving “Thinking Putty” which is similar to the Silly Putty you remember but made to mimic sparkling precious metals. It’s kind of addictive to have on your desk even if you are a little beyond childhood.

They have special events once in awhile, too. For example, on December 11 silhouette artist and author Clay Rice will be at the Dallas store and you can book an appointment to have your child’s silhouette done. He’ll be at the Southlake location on December 10. Great toys and special events? What else could you ask for?

How about a great rewards program? Their frequent shopper reward is a little different that other places. Every time you shop the total that you spend will be recorded. After you’ve shopped 15 times they’ll average the amount you’ve spent and you’ll get that much in credit to spend. Plus, everyone on the email list get’s a 20 percent off coupon regularly.

The Toy Maven is the first place we think of when we think of toys. You might want to let Santa know that they offer complimentary gift wrapping service as well.