6 Accessories With Personality

These days anything goes. Whether it’s the influence of pop-culture or social media’s power over society, today’s young generation dresses to be noticed. These freaky trends have made their way from the streets all the way to the most notable runways, capturing even the most high-end designers with their odd eccentricity. Why is it that one must be in costume to be considered stylish? That’s one question that only the modern fashionistas of today’s generation will be able to answer, but in the meantime, here are accessories to keep you bursting with personality, no matter the weather.

Natasha Kratos

Natasha Morgan’s Kratos Sunglasses in black leather, gold metal and brown fur are the definition of over-the-top perfection. The distinctive combination of the black translucent frames, leather sides, beautifully designed metal-plates and fur along with the brand’s iconic logo in silver metal, makes these a must in any fashionista’s accessory closet. Show of your style in Natasha Morgan’s remarkable eyewear.


The Heidi Loop Scarf by Moby & Tate is a modern take on the traditional loop scarf, made of soft wool strands in refreshing blends of colors such as Fall, Sandset and Passion. Held together by a thin piece of white wood, this unique accessory is the perfect combination of luxury and street-fashion, ideal for the urban fashionista. Moby & Tate has redefined the meaning of scarves, as their current collection holds pieces like the Victoria, a beautiful leather wrap scarf in color-block design, available in both Caramel and Cocoa, and the Jackie, in Espresso, Sable and Bone. These innovative limited-edition neck pieces will keep you looking stylish and feeling cozy this season.

The Popstar #Mypurseonality Handbag by Kara Ross is a clutch with humor. In rich metallic tones and black and red accents, The Popstar will bring life and personality to any look. Wether you choose to style it with an elegant red dress or with a pair of distressed jeans, this bag will look flawless any time.

karrie okeyThe fabulous Karrie Okey Shoes by Irregular Choice are a gem to any shoe lover who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. These quirky beauties boast a wonderful combination of style and fun, as well as a perfect contrast between the delicate pastel colors and the army-inspired boot itself. All in all, these chic booties are the young and avant-garde shoes we’ve all been waiting for to brighten up this cold winter season.

anneliseThe Yellow Silicone Dots Collar by edgy new jewelry designer, Annelise Michelson is an odd, entirely handmade beauty of black lace embroidered on gun metal chain. Worn with a monochrome black outfit, this neon collar is sure to bring light and color to even the cloudiest of days.

tubular cuff
The quirkiest of all accessories, the Heaven Tanudiredja Tubular Cuff in emerald and cream hues with golden and silver accents is a masterpiece in itself. Its intricate sculptural design brings and artistic feel to any outfit it is paired with. Bring out your wild side with Tanudiredja’s playful arm candy.