Haute Tips: Hosting The Perfect Fall Harvest Brunch

As the weather changes and the air gets cooler, what perfect way to celebrate fall than hosting a seasonal brunch? Many believe you have to head out to the suburbs to truly experience an authentic fall harvest. However, you can transform your home to reflect the perfect fall harvest. Gather your closest family and friends, and catch up over seasonal fruits and vegetables. Spice up the new season with celebrity caterer and home entertaining expert Andrea Correale’s fun, easy and fabulous tips for fall entertaining.



Whether you are setting up a buffet or preparing for a small group, you definitely want to warm up the room by choosing table cloths and other table scapes that possess deeper jewel tones, such as persimmon, terra-cotta, mustard or any other color  palette that’s reminiscent of fall leaves. Adorn your  tables cape with a festive fall centerpiece by creating a basket filled with apples and pears or nuts. Your guests will be able to enjoy their brunch with this exceptional seasonal centerpiece.


Pumpkin Pancakes

Now for the fun part! The food. With so many brunch options out there, this might seem the tough; however, all you need to do is bring your focus back to the fall theme by setting up a sweet potato pancake bar. Have a variety types of sweet and savory toppings such as brisket or pork, apple gravies, wet walnuts, sour cream, and other accompaniments that compliment this fall favorite ingredient.

Another option is creating an autumn salad bar with harvest flavored ingredients. Let the flavors of fall shine on your salad with components such as dried cranberries, candied nuts, sliced pears,  dried fruits,  vinaigrettes that’s more like sherry vinaigrette. If the weather is a bit nippy, pass around a few potato leek or butternut squash soup sips to take the chill away.



When it comes to drinks, my favorite are cider based cocktails. You can create one by using homemade cider, schnapps, vodka, and fresh cinnamon stick. Another fun fall cocktail option is a hot buttered rum by mixing together your favorite, butter, rum and spices.