Le Vu Discotheque Is Haute Victorian-Meets-Vegas

Le Vu has a Gothic Victorian meets Vegas vibe. Voted in the top 100 dance clubs in the US two years in a row.
Le Vu has a Gothic Victorian meets Vegas vibe. Voted in the top 100 dance clubs in the US two years in a row.

Photo Credit: Le Vu

Remember those great weeks you spent in Paris the summer after college partying it up all night on the dance floor at Chez Raspoutine discotheque then sleeping all day so that you could do it all over again? 

You are going to love Le Vu. A little risque, a little eclectic, and reminiscent of the clubs in Europe most frequented by the faces we see in the tabloids on a regular basis, this Dallas haute spot is one place you’ll want to see and be seen amongst the city’s young professionals. Let’s talk decor, shall we? Tapestries, jewel tones, chandeliers, and sconces, oh my – Le Vu mixes Victorian, Gothic, and modern styles into a mishmash of color, texture, and light that is a veritable visual orgy. High backed booth seating in some areas create a feeling of intimacy while other seating areas are wide open and invite everyone to interact. There is also an outdoor seating area that’s mostly overflow.

The sound and lighting are nothing short of amazing. Do not plan on having a quiet conversation here! Guest DJs have included legends such as Paul Oakenfold and Serge Devant but that doesn’t mean that the resident DJs are lackluster — in fact they are every bit at good. Check the website to find out who will be at Le Vu and when. The dance floor is spacious and, wonder of wonders, the entire place has a good enough ventilation system that you won’t feel like you are back in your hot yoga class.

This isn’t the spot to break out your hipster vintage look. Your favorite Louboutins and little black dress won’t be out of place. In fact, if you plan to actually get past the guy at the door you will want to be dressed to be seen. Guys, go ahead and wear that Italian suit – it’s no secret that a guy in a suit is nearly irresistible. We absolutely cannot understand why men are so adverse to wearing something that is sure to get a lady’s attention.

Le Vu describes itself as an upscale french-inspired lounge and dance club in the heart of Dallas and we couldn’t agree more. Valet parking is available, as is free parking across the street. Don’t forget to bring your designated driver and please party responsibly.