Be Hair-Free Forever (Seriously) With The LP System

LP_image_1For 50 years Lucy Peters’ LP System has been the go-to procedure for New Yorkers looking to rid themselves of excess hair.

What sets Lucy Peters apart from other hair removal systems is the machine exclusive to the company Peters, which easily outshines electrolysis, laser and waxing. In fact, the LP procedure is the only FDA-approved hair removal system on the planet, and the only one that guarantees that the hair removal is 100% permanent.

“Many people don’t realize that actual skin texture can change once permanent hair removal is achieved,” says Lucy Peters General Manager Kinga Bagnowska. Feel the front-facing skin of your arm, now feel the side that faces in. Notice how much smoother the side with no hair follicles is. That can be you, all over.”

Ms. Peters developed the LP System (formally named the Lucy Peters Integrated System) in the late-‘50s following her own discouraging experience with conventional electrolysis. After failed outcomes with treatment, she invested 10 years toward elevating the electrolysis process. What resulted was a system that is touted as the only truly permanent hair removal system in the world, and it works flawlessly on every type of hair color and skin color, including gray and vellus (peach fuzz) hair.

The LP System is unique in that the tip that delivers energy to the hair follicle is flexible, so it fits better than the ridged tips used during regular electrolysis. Your hair follicle is not a straight road, so when ridged tips are used, they cause needless pain and often miss the mark as well.

“The LP tip works with the follicle so we can reach way down to where the root it and deliver just the right amount of energy to kill it,” says Bagnowska. In addition, only the tip of our applicator heats up, which is different that electrolysis where the whole applicator heats, which also causes pain in addition to not being as effective.”
LPBecause the hair needs to be removed through each grow cycle, it is necessary to make additional passes of the area six, 12 or 18 months after the first pass.

During your complimentary consultation, a certified technician will assess the area for hair removal and provide you an exact plan. Your treatment plan will include the number of sessions required to remove all hair in that area and an exact cost.

While the LP System will eventually be available at spas nationwide, it is currently only available at Lucy Peters‘ gorgeous offices on NYC’s East Side.