See Karl Lagerfeld Reimagined As A Candle


Candle Karl 1 CMJN

Few people are as immediately recognizable as Karl Lagerfeld. The designer extraodinaire is the Head Designer and Creative Director for Chanel, Fendi and his own fashion house in addition to many, many other labels he has contributed to over the years. His high collar, sunglasses, and black suits have become his trademark look. So much so that it doesn’t take much mimic his likeness which has been on pins, shirts, dolls, teddy bears, and now, candles. For the Candle Karl, Lagerfeld has teamed up with perfumer John-Paul Welton to create the perfect scent for fall 2015.

The candle is in a white lacquered glass container with printed sunglasses, sitting on a biscuit porcelain base, that was inspired by the rigid poplin of which Karl Lagerfeld’s stiff collars are made and, as a final touch, the hallmark little black button. The best thing about it is after it burns, you can keep the likeness or even put a new candle in it. This candle has a refined and delectable scent and bursts with a “so Karl” sense of humor.

Previous collaborations between the perfumer and the designer have created home scents based on unique combinations of fig and pepper as well as woody, amber and spicy essences. For the Candle Karl, the perfumer conjured an oriental spice with top notes of Lagerfeld’s favorite cinnamon, citrus, mandarin and pink peppercorn. There are notes of jasmine and orange blossom, blended with cardamom, nutmeg and tobacco notes that emphasize the character of the scent.

Candle Karl low

Welton London is a high-end perfumer which has its own line of scents and has done signature fragrances for brands like Courreges, Christian Lacroix and Kelley Hoppen. They even have a line of high-end cakes in flavors such as Honey, Saffron & Time; Chocolate & Basil and more. John-Paul Welton is based in Grasse, where he conceives the most important scents. Naturally, the Candle Karl is made in France and is available in a limited numbered edition of 300 units for 280 euros.  That means that only the quickest and most in-the-know social ladies will be getting their hands on these. The question is – will they be gifting them or is Candle Karl a keeper?