Pampering On The Go: 6 Luxurious Airport Lounges

As a global jetsetter you often think of airports as your second home. Gone are the days when sitting near an outlet with a Big Mac was sufficient. Travelers today have welcomed these six extravagant airport lounges into their global lives.

Centurion Lounge at SFO
When you think San Francisco, you probably think of techies and foodies. You can rest assured that their Centurion Lounge reflects that. From the moment you lay eyes on this airport oasis, you will notice the nature-inspired and contemporary design. They even host a ‘green-living plant wall’ that spans two levels. Perhaps the best part of the Centurion is their wine-tasting corner. Yes, you read that right. The lounge offers over 18 wines from various Californian wineries for you to sample. You can also expect a relaxing seating area where you can finish up some work while enjoying fresh food. This lounge makes a serious case for how airports can also be luxury.

Oneworld Lounge at LAX
Those who frequent LAX are extremely lucky. First because they spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, and second because their airport boasts the incredibly modern Oneworld Lounge. These lucky travelers experience the ultimate in airport luxury. Lounge by a communal fireplace, get to business at one of six iMac workstations or cleanse yourself in a shower suite. Oh and just incase you forgot anything; a team of Sofitel concierges are there to take care of you. The lounge accommodates over 600 seats in a spacious, open atmosphere with plenty of gourmet bites and cocktails.

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK
JFK just gained some serious luxury points with The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. There is nowhere else like it. It is the only airport in the country where you can get a total makeover. That’s right; they have a salon equipped with professionals ready to take care of your travel hair, give you a complimentary shave or do your nails. Or you can just pay a visit to their skincare specialist ready to give you facials, massages and special spa treatments. After all that pampering you are probably going to get pretty hungry. Enter the Clubhouse brasserie; a modern café with an international menu. Either way, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is airport heaven.

Emirates First Class Lounge at DXB
The Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world. At any time it is packed with people passing through. The Emirates Lounge provides the perfect escape from the airport crowds. They focus on giving you ‘me time,’ and even have dedicated quiet rooms equipped with blankets and pillows. Once you arise from a much-needed nap, you might dabble in the Les Clos Wine Cellar where expert sommeliers can help you add a new bottle to your collection. You then might take your wine to the Cigar Bar where you can have a drink and relax. All of this will probably leave you a little famished, in which case you can enjoy fine dining with a selection of international eats. It’s a full-on awesome airport experience.

American Express + Centurion Lounge at MIA
It’s no secret that Miami’s airport has a bad rep. Sure sometimes it’s not the most organized or glamorous, but the new American Express lounge might just change your mind. A beautiful blend of Miami’s finest institutions have come together to curate the ultimate airport lounge. Think of world-class eats from Cena chef Michelle Bernstein, spa treatments from Exhale Spa, and a soundproof kids play area. The aim was to create a restaurant-quality experience with the added benefits of having a comfortable lounge and business stations. This is the newest addition to the Centurion Lounge family and is only accessible to AMEX holders.

Qatar Airways London Heathrow Premium Lounge at LHR
This 5-star experience is so good you might even choose to come to the airport earlier than you have to. It has the feel of a private members club, where Arabian water fountains, mosaics and calming spaces take you to a tranquil state before your flight. The service here is unparalleled. Whether you are after a quick bite, an upscale dining experience or a refreshing cocktail, you can have it all here. The Qatar Airways lounge also includes an impressive business center so you can go to your flight ready to disconnect. Other amenities include luxurious private showers with heated floors and incredibly comfortable couches.