Haute 100 NYC: Donald Trump As Serious as Ever About Presidential Run

Photo by Christopher Halloran
Photo by Christopher Halloran

Is this real life? According to a post on Bloomberg Politics, all signs seem to be pointing to Donald Trump really giving a go at a presidential run for 2016. Writer David Knowles reports that Trump appears poised to entry into the race and will immediately travel to Iowa and New Hampshire once he has made his commitment public.

Trump’s team sent out invitations with the scroll “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” written on them for an appearance at Hoyt Sherman Place in Iowa. Following that event, Trump has an appearance slated for an event at the Manchester Community College in New Hampshire.

Trump has teased presidential runs in the past; sometimes he made them tongue-in-cheek, others times he was just not taken seriously. But Trump seems dead serious about this run. Fox News compiled debate rules that would allow top 10 Republicans to participate in accordance with polling averages. With this criteria, Trump could qualify when even more politically experienced candidates like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina would likely not.

Trump has declared the current state of the GOP “a bunch of clowns.” He might run just out of sheer dis-satisfaction with the current state of candidates.