Coconut Cartel Is Beyond Refreshing

Coconut Cartel

This coconut water company is a family affair started by Mike Zig along with his sister, Danielle Zighelboim.

Zig, who creatively came up with the idea as a way to capitalize on his family’s land in El Salvador, and the special variety of coconut palms that grew there. The coconut water is raw and healthier than it’s pasteurized and terra-packed competitors, and the natural coconut serves as a billboard either for Coconut Cartel’s brand or to be emblazoned with someone else’s. Social media and celebrities like Drake have helped propel the brand to cool status. Of course $35 raw coconut and rum drinks at the Soho House and Standard are already pretty cool, even sans celebrities.

The brand, via the name and it’s owners has an edgy quality, which has owner Zig, to be called the “fruit smuggler.”  Now that Kreisler is involved, we’re sure that the brand will continue to grow at warp speed, which plans to expand into the Hamptons this summer and California and Las Vegas by summer 2016.

Branded Coconuts

Martha Stewart drinking Coconut Cartel