This Week’s Hautest Brunch in Dallas: Bread Winners Uptown

Bread Winners Uptown Dallas location for brunch this weekend - you deserve it.
Bread Winners Uptown Dallas location for brunch this weekend – you deserve it.

Photo Credit: Bread Winners Cafe

Bread Winners in Dallas’s Uptown area is a casual, comfortable, and classy spot for any meal but the weekend brunch is spectacular.

If you are like most hardworking Dallasites you start thinking about your weekend sometime Monday afternoon and by Wednesday you are seriously counting down the hours. With a busy lifestyle you’ve got to plan for those laid back leisurely weekends that recharge you for the week ahead. One of the best ways to do that is a long, late brunch at Bread Winners Uptown location.

The Atmosphere

As you walk in the door you’ll want to grab a mimosa and a muffin, or homemade pop tart to stave off starvation during what may seem like the longest wait of your life. Bread Winners in Dallas’s Uptown location is going to be crowded but terribly worth the 30-minute to an hour wait. Now that the weather is just about perfect (fingers crossed that the rain is out of the forecast for awhile) you can have brunch on the patio and enjoy the last few weeks of bearable temperatures before Texas turns the thermostat to broil.

Weekend brunch at Bread Winners Uptown Dallas is the perfect way to start your weekendPhoto Credit: Bread Winners

The Menu

There’s lot’s to choose from on the menu so go with friends and share plates, and you’re going to want to taste it all. You’ll be served complimentary breads, but don’t eat much — the portions are generous and plate licking is not out of the question.

Don’t miss the chicken and waffles, it’s a southern classic with a huge fan following for good reason. Bread Winners does it up right (in other words Texas style) with jalapeno, bacon and cheddar waffles covered in layers of crispy fried chicken, cream gravy, hot sauce, and maple syrup. The Deluxe is another choice where you can’t go wrong: A brioche bun with crispy pork belly, caramelized onion, avocado, Sriracha mayo and a sunny side up egg is served with fresh fruit. If you prefer sweets at breakfast be sure to consider the Normandy French Toast. Sliced sourdough is stuffed with cream cheese and raspberry jam then topped with berries and whipped cream. The coffee is a good Italian roast that stands up to cream but is luscious enough for those who prefer it straight up and, of course, there is always the Bluebonnet Mojito, a concoction of blueberries, mint, lime, and Texas rum that goes down very, very easily if you are watching your caffeine.

The Specifics

Bread Winners Uptown is located at 3301 McKinney Avenue and is open for brunch Saturday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Check the Bread Winners website for other hours and locations. 214-754-4940