100% Capri Dubai: Antonio Aiello’s Blissful Oasis

100% Capri Dubai Tony Aiello

100% Capri, located in Dubai’s exclusive Four Seasons Resort on Jumeirah Beach Road, is as sophisticated and elegant as Antonio Aiello, the man who founded the luxurious brand in 2000. Upon walking into the impeccably decorated boutique, one feels as though they are instantly transported into a different location-a destination as light, breezy and dreamy as Aiello’s 100% Capri linen collections.

100% Capri Dubai Aiello
Visitors to Antonio Aiello’s 100% Capri in Dubai will find themselves immediately transported to a blissful paradise of simplicity and elegance.

Photo Credit: http://www.giachi.info/100-Capri

100% Capri in Dubai carries Aiello’s signature linens including clothing for women, men and children that is perfectly suited to the hot climate of Dubai. “Linen is the most suitable fabric for countries with particularly hot conditions,” said Aiello in an exclusive interview, “Finally, thanks to 100% Capri, people can always feel comfortable, fresh, and elegant wearing our clothes.” Also within the store you will find accessories to complement the entire 100% Capri lifestyle of simplicity and refinement.

Mr. Aiello’s brand has created an exclusive following in Dubai, and Aiello returns the sentiment of admiration to our beloved city. “I have always had the perception that the brand 100% Capri is deeply linked to your city, (Dubai) and I myself feel an important part of it and sometimes dream that the brand could have been born here in Dubai.” Mr. Aiello, who also goes by Tony, continued to express his genuine affection and appreciation by stating, “Dubai has been the first Middle East Location for 100% Capri, so I am extremely thankful to this wonderful city.”

100% Capri Dubai Antonio Aiello Tony Aiello
Elegance, class, sophistication and refinement greet visitors as they enter 100% Capri in Dubai, the latest storefront location featuring Tony Aiello’s famed brand.

Photo Credit: http://www.giachi.info/100-Capri

“Dubai has been the first Middle East Location for 100% Capri,

so I am extremely thankful to this wonderful city.”

Antonio Aiello

Since the initial launch of 100% Capri in 2000, Tony Aiello has seen his brand experience tremendous growth, likely due to his meticulous attention to detail and keen business sense. 100% Capri boasts an international presence in the most prestigious of locations across the globe and in 2006 also saw the launch of the 100% Capri Home Collection which has also attained wonderful success.

A person might be inclined to rest on his (well-heeled) laurels when gaining such achievement at a relatively young age, but Aiello is highly involved with 100% Capri, and assures that the brand continues to exemplify the same integrity as its’ founder. “I am following personally the production of the fabrics which are created and designed personally by me,” noted Aiello. “The environment and its sustainability are a high priority for our group, which is the reason why we headquartered in Normandy, in a pollution-free zone, where the plantation of our linen plants have found the best ecological conditions in which to grow.”

When asked about the future of his brand, Aiello shared, “Today all of our worldwide locations reflect my personal lifestyle, and any other upcoming locations will do the same. At the moment I’m evaluating different locations for new openings; perhaps including extending the presence of the 100% Capri brand in the Middle East region.”

Be sure to visit the Dubai location of 100% Capri to feel firsthand what a truly unique, uplifting and transformative experience shopping at Mr. Aiello’s store is.