Warm Weather Essentials: The Beach Products You Need for Summer

It’s almost time to play around in the sand! But don’t want to head to the beach without being fully prepared—and these days, that means more than just SPF 50. In order to have the best (and most comfortable) time at the beach, you need a range of items that are both functional and fun. Not sure what to pack in your beach bag? Haute Living has rounded up your summertime essentials—from biodegradable toys, to coolers with built in speakers—so you can eliminate the guesswork and focus on more important things (like where to go to go for barefoot happy hour).

Yellowbird Spiker Lifestyle Holder ($12)



Keep your hands free with these cute cups that are super sturdy in the sand. Wether you need a spot to store your iced coffee or keep your sunglasses from getting scratched–these cups are key.

SunFriend Personal UV Monitor ($50)

Picture 19


For all your worry-worts afraid of getting skin cancer (and yes, that should be all of us), the SunFriend helps you optimize Vitamin D, while protecting you from overexposure. The LED flash alerts you when you have reached your daily limit of safe UV exposure, so you know it’s time to seek shade.

zoë b organic Beach Toys ($12)


Usually when you take your kids to the beach, you end up leaving with less toys than you came with—a bummer for your wallet and the planet. But thanks to zoe b organic beach toys, now you don’t have to worry about the toll your pails and shovels may take on the ocean. And since they’re toxin-free and made from corn instead of synthetic plastic, they are safer for your little ones too! Best of all—they’re biodegradable. So should they be swallowed up by the ocean during high-tide, they will degrade in two to three years as opposed to plastic toys which would take about 500 years.

Cape Cod Beach Chair Surfside Recliner ($145) 



A weather resistant hardwood frame, two cup holders, a carry handle, and five reclining positions for maximum sun exposure–what more could you want from a  beach chair? You can even monogram it for that extra personal touch.

Igloo Cool Fusion 40 Quart Icy Tunes Roller ($129)


This cooler stores everything you need—and has a sound system to boot. Featuring a radio, amplifier, speakers, and a connection for an MP3 player, the Igloo cooler is a lifesaver for super-scorching days. It can hold up to 58 beverage cans and is super easy to carry with straps and wheels.

Hollie and Harrie Sombrilla ($198)

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Stylish and efficient, the sombrilla is made from 100 perfect cotton to give you (and your pals) coverage from the sun. Unlike typical umbrellas, it packs up into a small and easy to carry tube that you can sling over your shoulder when you’re ready to head back home.