April Bloomfield: A Girl and Her Greens

April Bloomfield, the British-born co-owner of The Spotted Pig and winner of Best Chef in New York City at the James Beard Awards 2014, has announced the release of her second cookbook, A Girl and her Greens, to be published in the UK on 21st May by Cannongate, with photography by David Loftus.


“Seasonal vegetables should be at the heart of every good kitchen – and it’s great to see they are the life and soul of April’s. Her lovely new book finds her revelling in veg, and all its gloriously colourful, mouth-watering, tummy-filling potential. I defy any curious cook to flick through these delicious pages and not want to get busy immediately.” Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

April is renowned on both sides of the pond for her nose-to-tail ethos, but her reverence for perfectly sweet peas and bright bunches of radishes matches her passion for the perfect cut of meat. A Girl and Her Greens displays Bloomfield’s gift for produce, each recipe marked by her trademark method of merging simplicity and attention to detail.

In her latest book, Bloomfield showcases an array of inviting and indulgent vegetables in her recipes; from Swiss Chard Cannelloni to Roasted Onions with Sage Pesto, from Kale Polenta to Roasted Leeks with Walnut Breadcrumbs. However this is not a vegetarian cookbook; Anchovies contribute an umami-laden lift to Whole Pot Roasted Cauliflower, Lardo crisps up Hassleback Potatoes and bacon lends its salty-sweetness to Braised Collards, but always in the service of the vegetable.

A Girl and Her Greens is packed with tantalising and flavoursome recipes for hearty food where vegetables truly take centre stage.