Miami’s Best New Brunch is a Peruvian Extravaganza at La Mar by Gaston Acurio


King Crab Plancha Anticuchera
King Crab Plancha Anticuchera

There’s always an of-the-moment ultimate brunch. This season, the award of best Sunday brunch goes to La Mar by Gaston Acurio at the Mandarin Oriental. The Peruvian-themed brunch was launched just before Christmas, and has grabbed the attention of Miami’s most ardent foodies.

It’s not surprising as the cuisine of Peru has some of the most unique cuisine in the world. It’s a sophisticated blend of South America’s plenty (thousands of varieties of potatoes, corn and seafood), and a large Japanese and Chinese expatriate population. So, forget about the DJ and beautiful waterfront dining, it’s really about the food here.

Fried Fish nibbles
Whole friend fish

The brunch runs $85 for the sumptuous buffet, which gives diners an entree, unlimited Piper-Heidsiech champagne Pico Sours or Bloody Marys, and access to the sprawling buffet. It’s not an exaggeration to say that at least half of the items might be new to the uninitiated, offering diners something of a top-shelf trip to Peru. There are Cebiche stations, offering up an assortment of uncooked specialties, including Gaston Acurio’s famous leche de tigre. There are lots of anticuchos including free range chicken, octopus, veal heart, corn and scallop.

One of the biggest hits is the Chaufa Aeropuerto, La Mar’s signature Chinese fried rice prepared table side in a sizzling hot pot—not unlike the rice from Zuma’s brunch, albeit with very different flavors.

Epanadas at La Mar

Entrees include Grouper Chorillana, Lomo Saltado with Fried Egg and more. However, for an upgrade to $120, pricier options like Spiny Lobster Anticuchero or King Crab Plancha are available. Of course, after you’ve hit the buffet and tasted all the wonders  Executive Chef Diego Oka has to offer, the entrees do seem a tad superfluous.

Dessert is another unique experience. Instead of a buffet, a small, colorful, wooden house is placed on the table and opened to reveal Peruvian chocolate mousse, pie de limon, homemade candies, tarts and more.

Call to get your reservations now: (305) 913 8358