Here’s What We Know About Kanye’s Mysterious Countdown

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Kanye launched a mysterious website called this week featuring a countdown that has been stoking everyone’s curiosity since he fired off one cryptic tweet after the next:

So what’s he counting down to? We think it’s the launch of his brand new collection in partnership with Addidas at New York Fashion Week on February 12. Word has slipped out about the event after menswear buyer Ramon Ehlen leaked his invitation:

kanyePhoto Credit: Complex

Kanye infamously split with Nike after a longtime partnership that left him ticked off at the brand. As he told it to Hot 97:

That’s right, when told by Nike that he couldn’t get royalties on any shoes he made because he wasn’t a professional athlete, he responded: “I’ll go to the Garden and play one on none … I’m a professional performance athlete.” You can’t argue with that, right?

This time we’re assuming Adidas cut him a nice deal. Another difference this time around is that in order to get yourself a pair of the Yeezy-made shoes you’ll need to download the brand new Adidas mobile app. In an effort to do away with Sneakerheads lining up all night (as they’ve done in the past), the footwear will reportedly only be available to New York residents who use the app.

Aside from shoes, it is not yet known what type of line Yeezy will be presenting until:

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