Hydrotherm 3D Massage with Ben Barnett at Grace Belgravia



The Hydrotherm 3D Massage at Grace Belgravia is a treatment designed by Ben Barnett. An holistic practitioner for 20 years, Ben has expert knowledge of how the mechanics of the body affect both health and wellbeing, as well as performance in professional and personal areas of life. Ben concentrates on three levels during his treatments: “physically, personally and environmentally”, and aims to unite body, mind, and spirit.

Ben Barnett
Ben Barnett


A Hydrotherm 3D Massage is an extremely comfortable treatment that takes place on a bespoke water bed. Instead of the traditional face down, here one lies face up, covered with towels and floating on a cushion of warm water throughout experience. The warm water support allows fluid movement, increased blood flow to back muscles and less pain in sensitive areas, for a deep but gentle sensation. Treatments are more effective for neck, shoulder and lower back tension and are ideal for female clients, as there is no need to lay on your face or chest. Male clients benefit from this position also, as bodyweight naturally adjusts the depth of pressure: the heavier you are the deeper your treatment.

A treatment in progress on the Hydrotherm bed

One of the particularly unusual elements of this treatment is the spoken meditation. Ben will work with clients to identify goals using key words, which will be repeated, mantra-style, along with other positive affirmations. An recording of the meditation will be sent post treatment, should you wish to feel the benefits once more. This multi-sensory approach is designed to unlock stress in thoughts and emotions,
 allowing you space and respite from circumstances and promotion new perspectives and a fresh outlook.


At odds with traditional massage treatments, the Hydrotherm 3D Massage demands to be experienced. Aside from the unorthodox water cushioning, the massage strokes lead from under your body, for a feeling of elevation and uplift. Perhaps most extraordinary about this treatment is Ben himself, a therapist with a deeply warm yet professional manner and clearly a true passion for his craft. A healer and holistic practitioner, Ben will put even the most apprehensive at ease; I was able to be frank and open with him about my mental and physical goals and I was delighted to share my thoughts and feelings pre and post treatment. The spoken meditation allows one to drift away whilst staying present in the moment, and is executed clearly and in a supportive manner, with Ben’s dreamy voice as the soundtrack. After just 30 minutes I am refreshed and revived, with a positive energy and focus that lasts all week, with the option of continued sessions. This is healing at its most potent.