The Best Places for Tea Service in Las Vegas

In our fast food nation, there’s still something to be said about taking up the British tradition of savoring an hour (or two) over a cup of tea served with delicate finger sandwiches and sweets. And if you’ve never experienced a true afternoon tea, you owe it to yourself to book one with a group of friends for a leisurely afternoon. Legend has it that one of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting Anna Marie Stanhope had that sinking feeling in the late afternoon after eating a minimal lunch. The Duchess of Bedford as she was known asked her servants to sneak a spot of tea and sandwiches to her room around 4 p.m. Then she decided to open up her tradition to friends, who came to Belvoir Castle to share small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, sweets and tea. The social hostesses of London quickly picked up on the practice of afternoon tea and a walk in the fields. Make like the duchess and invite a few friends. Here’s a look at the top five tea parlors in Las Vegas. You’ll thank the Brits.