Haute 100 Update: Michael Capponi Launches InList Global Nightlife App

Michael Capponi, Gideon Kimbrell
Gideon Kimbrell and Michael Capponi

Developer and Miami nightlife scion Michael Capponi has teamed up with software engineer Gideon Kimbrell to create a new nightlife app called InList.  The app will make selling out VIP tables effortless for club owners, while giving a new level of ease to end users, facilitating their entree into the world of nightlife.

“This is the future,” says Capponi, who has always managed to stay one step ahead of popular taste and demand whether it was in nightlife, entertainment or even home construction. His partner, Kimbrell, brings a decade of tech experience to the company. He has worked for Johnson & Johnson and Barnes & Noble among others, engineering systems used by millions of people worldwide.

But he’s not counting completely on their talents— or funds— Capponi has raised $4 million for the company from Moneta Group and Star Capital, and tapped Oleg Firer to serve on InList’s board of directors.

InList aims to bring together the hospitality industry and prospective clients using their concierge platform and an integration engine which enables seamless reservations at more than 200 of the world’s most exclusive venues. The app’s reach will undoubtedly go far and wide, but we’re pretty sure its effects will be felt right here in Miami, taking nightlife once again to a whole ‘notha level.