Anti-Aging Therapy For Miami’s Elite

Elite Health Center in Aventura


Ever wonder what keeps Hollywood actors so sexy into their 40s and 50s while everyone else that age looks a little… middle aged? After all, personal trainers can only do so much. Although most are mum on the subject, for many of them, their secret is hormone replacement in the form of testosterone or HGH. As one famous talent manager said to Vanity Fair “any actor over 50 you’re still seeing with a ripped stomach and veins in his forearms is probably taking H.G.H.”

But anti-aging therapy isn’t  just about ripped abs, there are other reasons to supplement lagging hormones. Lack of energy, reduced libido and trouble sleeping through the night are three signs of declining testosterone, which begins to fall after age 30. Not everybody has low testosterone or low HGH for their age, but one appointment at Elite Health Center in Aventura, will give patients a complete picture.

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After thorough testing, the doctors then come up with a personalized plan to revitalize their patient that can range from $1000-a-month human growth hormone (HGH) therapy, supplemented testosterone, or even supplements to help the body boost it’s own levels on its own. Some doctors argue against supplementation of HGH, which isn’t’ regulated by the FDA for use in health adults, but their less aggressive forms of therapy, as well as fitness and nutrition councelling should leave detractors without argument.

While they can’t exactly name names, we have it on good authority that their client list contains more than a few boldface ones. In fact, people come from all over Florida and even the country to see doctors like Chief Physician Rudolph Eberwein, M.D, who says they are able to do hormone therapy “in a way that very closely mimics the body’s natural process of hormone production.

Of course, like personal trainers, botox or a custom suit, all of these therapies aren’t cheap, but that’s why it’s called the Elite Health Center.

Sylvester Stallone has fessed up to using HGH to get in shape for movie roles in his later years.