S*uce Celebrates 10th Anniversary with ‘A Night of White! Dinner with The Coveteur!’

On 23 April, S*UCE, one of Dubai’s most popular homegrown fashion boutiques celebrated its 10-year anniversary. To kick off a year of special activities in honor of the boutique’s success in the region a private dinner under the name of ‘The Coveteur’ was held at The Dubai Miracle Garden.



The dinner was themed ‘A Night of White’ with everything from the flowers, the food and the dessert colored white. The stunning floral arrangements were provided by Crochet Florist, while the catering was done by Fait Maison Cuisine. Catchy background tunes were played by Dj NJ.



Finally, each guest got their own delicious mini cake created by Petites Choses  with a white candle and a customized matchbox, allowing them to light their own cake and make their own wish.

For more information, visit www.shopatsauce.com