All Access: MPH Club Luxury Rentals In Miami

Liram Sustiel, Brett David, and Stać Yagu

“It’s all about the experience.”

The mantra by mph club™, an exotic car rental company in Miami, transfers to every facet of the business.  From a consistent brand image of all white luxury and exotic cars, to the concierge experience of service, mph club™ is dedicated to nothing but the best.  Including a dedicated team of hard-working individuals, mph club™ has added Jet chartering and helicopter tours to a rental arsenal for an affluent clientele.

The Spark of an Idea

The Co-Founders of mph club™, Stac Yagu and Liram Sustiel, have always had a tenacious appetite for entrepreneurship.  “We’ve always been fascinated by fast cars,” explained Mr. Yagu, while straightening the lapel of his tailored suit. “It’s just something we’ve always been passionate about.  “So, we thought, how could we incorporate our passion into something tangible?” Thus, the duo had an idea to start a premier exotic car rental company in Miami.  They approached childhood friend, Brett David, who also happen to own and operate the most successful Lamborghini dealer in the world: Lamborghini MIAMI.  Mr. David was ecstatic to contribute his ideas and influence, and worked exclusively with the duo to bring the mph club™ to fruition.

mph club™ headquarters

“We worked hard to create a distinct brand.  It’s not about renting an exotic car,”  Sustiel explained.  “We set out to create a lifestyle that was achievable through dedication, hard-work and an unparalleled work-ethic.  THAT’S what we want our clientele to remember: the experience.”


The Exotic Car Rental Experience

The team saw huge success with their consistent branding of brand new, all-white luxury and exotic vehicles after completing a rigorous photoshoot aptly named: The Money Shot.  In the photo, the all white fleet and a private jet we’re showcased in luxurious splendor.  The photo shoot, coupled with dozens of marketing initiatives, skyrocketed the team to new heights of success.  “Our brand, referrals, the testimonials we received from clientele and our marketing strategies did wonders for our brand,” Mr. Yagu explained.  “The thing is, we’ve only just begun.”

Stać Yagu and Liram Sustiel showcase mph club’s all white fleet

The mph club™ Headquarters

Nestled in a private hangar, above a fleet of private jets and helicopters, the mph club™ headquarters is bustling with activity.  The culture caters around the luxury automotive lifestyle.  “We’re all movers and shakers.  It’s the reason our clientele loves the experience.”  Mr. Yagu says

“We take care of the logistics and concierge services and they drive off in the car of their dreams.  The message is simple, but it’s all in the execution.”  And the execution could slice through butter.

mph club™ is steadily increasing its fleet of all white exotic vehicles.  The team also utilizes their local influence to encourage young entrepreneurs with the mph foundation™ and is currently working on developing a local artist who painted the hood of their Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

mph club™ is located in Miami at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport.  As a Premier Exotic Car Rental Company in Miami, their fleet includes Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more.  For details, visit or call 888-674-4044.