Haute 100 NY Update: Michael Bloomberg Spent $650 Million of His Own Money During His Tenure As Mayor


During his 12-year term in office as New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg reportedly spent $650 million of his own money on the Big Apple.

According to a new report from The New York Times, the billionaire ex-mayor spent $62,400 for weekly cleanings of two large saltwater fish tanks in City Hall, made $23 million in campaign donations and donated $30 million to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He also donated more than $263 million to New York arts, civic, health and cultural groups, personally and through his company, Bloomberg LP.

In addition to spending generously to promote gun control in NYC, Bloomberg also tapped into his personal bank account to feed his staff a light breakfast (coffee, bagels, yogurt) and a modest lunch (tuna salad, peanut butter and jam, sliced fruit) every day.
Though most public servants receive a salary from the city, Bloomberg famously rejected the $2.7 million yearly offer, and instead opted to receive just $1 per year.