Haute 100 NY Update: Donald Trump May Run for Governor of New York


Donald Trump is ready to leave the boardroom and head to the Governor’s mansion! The real estate mogul recently revealed that he would gladly run for  for governor of New York… if he had the support of the Republican Party.

“If we could have a unified party with everybody backing properly, I would do it and I think I’d win,” Trump told The Buffalo News. “I am giving it very, very serious consideration, and if everything falls into place I would do it.”

If Trump were elected, one of his first orders of business would be to change the state’s high tax policy. “We have the highest taxes in the nation, almost the world,” he explained. “We have the biggest exodus in the nation of people.” Trump also criticized the closing of state mental health facilities and the SAFE Act, the gun-control measure that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo instilled last year following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Even though he has met with more than three dozen Republican elected officials and county party leaders about his prospective political career, Trump said that plenty of people don’t think he’ll actually commit to running for office.  “They assume maybe I won’t want to do this,” he revealed. “At the same time, I love this state, and I see where it’s going. We’re going to be another Detroit.”