Personal Services Galore By Miami’s Most Glam Girls

It makes me tingle inside when I see young ladies around my age that not only work, but work it as well. Meet: Ali Samek, Vanessa Dadaglio and Jaclyn Segal. These three beautiful ladies are not only fierce, fashionable and fab, but each have built prosperous service businesses that can help you in your day-to-day needs in the Magic City.

Ali Samek

Ali Samek, born and raised in South Miami, lets just say, started a very unique concept with a fab name: Haute Gifting! Coincidental?

As she recently incorporated, I can say that it is official, Ali is the go-to person for all of your gifting needs. Ali found that in her life she had people always coming to her to attain those ‘hard to get’ items.  They would say “what do I get my mom, what do I get my girlfriend?” and she tells me “I was always in charge of group gifts for friends, and I became the guru for what people want and I somehow knew how to get it.”

She tells me, no gift is too small, no gift is too big. She also organizes intangible experiences, like a trip to fashion week with access to shows, hotels, everything included. For men, she can arrange a trip to the Masters Golf Tournament, or even the Grammy’s.


Vanessa Dadaglio


The newly engaged Vanessa Dadaglio has a lot to brag about. She started a white glove consignment boutique online called The Sophisticate. But wait, it is not only consignment, Vanessa and her team also do the whole closet clean…so when you don’t want to get your new manicure ruined, The Sophisticate will handle it all for you!


For all consignment items you give her, even the split is beneficial. 60 % goes to our clients and her company receives 40%.


The Sophisticate is quite sophisticated, hence its name, catering to only the most elite and coveted clientele looking for personalized service in the most private area of a woman’s home – her closet!







Jaclyn Segal. Photo by Marisa Matluck.

Jaclyn Segal has always been one of the most organized beauties in my inner circle of friends. For the past ten years Jaclyn worked in between New York City and Miami in the fashion industry and in personal assisting, so she decided it was time to start JacItUp. JacItUp basically handles any of your needs. No budget for a full time personal assistant? Jaclyn is your solution. Are you out of town and need your apartment cared for? Is your closet a mess, and needs organizing? Airport pickups? Dog-sitting? Or do you need some great redecorating done in your home? There are no limits to her capabilities, I have seen it with my own two eyes.