Haute 100 Update: Stephen Ross Donates $200 Million To University of Michigan


Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross made a historic gift to his alma mater, the University of Michigan. While the university, and notable alums like Jorge Perez and Michele Oka Doner, are no doubt head over heals for the generous gift, a few local football fans have been left scratching their heads. While everyone understands the gift, they don’t totally grasp why Ross, who sought $289 million in taxpayer money for SunLife Stadium upgrades, wouldn’t have offered to pony up the funds after the failure of the Florida House of Representatives failed to vote on it.

They are very different subjects, and I think it is important to be committed to both,” Ross said. “As I’ve often said, I’ve promised to pay a large portion of the stadium upgrade costs but, the community who would substantially benefit also needs to be involved.”

“I also think it’s extremely important to be a good citizen from a philanthropic standpoint, and to set an example for others to do the same. Both commitments are important to me and both have the potential to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit so many people.” But Ross knows South Florida has cold feet about ponying up millions of dollars for stadiums used for private profits after the Marlins Stadium debacle, and if he wants to take the stadium to the next level, he may be needing to write another check sooner than later.