Found Introduces Their Moveable Feast


Found (1631 Chicago Ave in Evanston) has thought up a new monthly craft dinner series concept. To show their unique partnerships with local farmers, artisans and the like, they are introducing, Moveable Feast. Don’t worry, it’s not a book club to discuss Hemingway’s novel, it’s all about food. Starting next month (October 8th to be exact), Found Owner Amy Morton and Executive Chef Nicole Pederson will be joined by some of their partners to host a monthly dinner in different locations around the city. Guests of these dinners will be able to rub elbows with the people who are usually behind the scenes; it’s a great networking opportunity or a good way to learn more about your food. Each event will begin at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted, tickets are $80 per person and can be purchased here. The Moveable Feast will also benefit a wide variety of local charities. The schedule for the dinners is as follows:

Tuesday, October 8- Cider House Rules on the River

  • To kick off the Moveable Feast series, Chef Nicole and Greg

Hall of Virtue Cider team up for a festive evening of cider sipping and autumn-inspired plates at Michael Heltzer’s boathouse (4108 N. Rockwell).  Proceeds from the evening will benefit Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center.

Tuesday, November 19- A Virgin Vegetable Orgy  

  • Styled after a bacchanalia, a festival hosted by the Romans to celebrate food and drink, Found hosts a lustful vegetable feast at Gallery Provocateur (2125 N. Rockwell) with One Part Plant’s Jessica Murnane. Indulge in a five course menu filled with veggie delights and take in the funky art-filled space which boasts unconventional pieces produced by emerging artists. Proceeds from the evening will be donated to Brown’s Oakridge Zoo.

Tuesday, December 17- Pagan Days

  • A spirited night in every sense of the word, this collaborative evening at Found with Anne and Cody Modeer of Ward Eight highlights cocktails, tarot card readings, and festive bites. Lady of Libations Jan Henrichsen and guest bartenders, Anne and Cody, will school imbibers on the many wonders of white whiskey, sharing the magic of the spirit and the many ways to use it. Proceeds from the evening will benefit Connections for the Homeless.

Tuesday, January 21- Farmers Market in January?  

  • A true “farmer-to-table” experience, guests will dine with the team from The Spence Farm Foundation at this locally-focused meal hosted in the Salon Privé space at Found. Chef Nicole will create a rustic, farm spread based on the foundation’s product proving that even in January, chefs can cook with fresh ingredients. Local farmers will be on hand to discuss the art, history, and practice of small sustainable family farming in the U.S. Proceeds to benefit The Spence Farm Foundation.

Tuesday, February 18- Got a Crush?

  • Lady of Libations Jan Henrichsen invites her “sommelier crushes” to Found for an evening of wine to toast the month of love. Sommeliers Brian Duncan (Bin 36), Mark Hayes (Bar Pastoral), and Arthur Hon (Sepia) join Jan to offer guests an over-the-top wine tasting at Found paired with dishes from Chef Nicole. Proceeds to benefit Bright Pink Breast Cancer Awareness.

Tuesday, March 18- On the Road

  • Found invites guests to raise their glasses to writer Jack Kerouac, a source of inspiration for the “beatnik” vibe at the restaurant. To celebrate the late novelist’s birthday, Found hosts a night of revelry with drinks inspired by Kerouac’s books and tasty bites prepared by Chef Nicole. A local literary group will keep the party hot with a cool poetry jam. Proceeds to benefit Evanston’s art programs.

Tuesday, April 15- Secret Underground

  • Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Chef Nicole and Owner Amy Morton will tantalize guests with an unforgettable meal in a yet-to-be-announced location. In the days leading up to the event, ticket holders will be given clues as to where the event will take place and will learn the secret on the day of the dinner.

Tuesday, May 20- Get Inspired

  • Chef Nicole joins her mentors in the kitchen at Inspiration Café for an inspiring meal based on the many tastes, techniques, and experiences of her past. Chefs from all chapters of her life, including visionaries from Minnesota, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, and Chicago will collaborate on an unforgettable meal filled with memories. Proceeds to benefit the Inspiration Café.

Summer 2014- Block Party BBQ

Dance in the streets with Found and other local restaurants! Families and friends are invited to Found’s block party, to be held in the streets of Evanston in summer 2014. Highlighting seasonal fare, craft cocktails, and fun music, this summer time celebration will be the event of the season.