Dori’s World: Weekend Trip to Miami

2013-09-19 19.54.49

On Friday, I had lunch wih Debbie Peltz at Amaranth then we were joined by Inga Rubenstein and Christiano of Cavalli. It was such a beautiful day!  After a afternoon workout at Soul Cycle, I headed down to The Standard hotel to meet Alex von Furstenberg and Charlotte Freund, Stephan de Kwilowski and Ari Howitz to grab some eggplant pizza from the pizza truck—a must try—and off to Teterboro we went to meet Grandma Eddie, Vikram Chatwal and Omar, who just opened up Omar’s restaurant. We met them on air Alex ready to fly to Miami to see Ali Kay.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to a great class at Flywheel to celebrate my friend’s 30th birthday (thank u for organizing Jake Spitz!) and a big dinner party at Casa Tua later that evening. It was such a beautiful event. Next we went to Liv with Alex von Furstenberg, Ali Kay, Charlotte Freund, Vikram Chatwal, Kinga Lampert, Barbara Sigler, Ven Bram, Ari Horowitz, Tanya Serure, Harry lefrak, Brooke Grant, Stephan Kwikowsi, Ben Bram, Eddie Parker, Jenny Alerga, Attilo Brilinborg and Alexis Dermegzin. It was such a fun weekend filled with working out, swimming and sunning!