Breakfast at Vogue Café

Eggs Benedict 2

Head to Vogue Cafe to try the venue’s new Brunch Classics, a cosmopolitan mix of delicious morning treats from around the world.



You can begin your day in traditional Irish fashion with a hearty dish of organic pinhead oatmeal served with a delicious selection of honey, fruit and nuts.

If your craving the start to your day with a more refined touch, opt for the Parisian breakfast of a freshly baked croissant with butter and fruit preserve. Or relish in food from the Geneva scene with yoghurt-dressed organic muesli or granola sets. There’s also a Belgium waffle feast for you to indulge in. You can also go all-out New York style with house-cured salmon over a whipped cream cheese bagel.

Further menu offerings include frozen organic vanilla yoghurt topped with fresh berries, toasted nuts and grains offering a refreshing start to day. Those looking to shed a few pounds may prefer to the VOGUE Slim Line dish of cereal, assorted crackers, low-fat yoghurt and olives that caters to the calorie-conscious. Whatever you desire, VOGUE Cafe has it.



Vogue Cafe is located in The Dubai Mall. Tel. +971 45016810.