Dori’s World: Saint-Tropez

As soon as we arrived to St. Tropez, Cynthia and Henry Gabay, Rena Makram, Rena Sindi and I went to Brasserie for dinner. Alan Gouda and Rommy Giamme were there. Then I was off to La Cave to meet up with Nicky Hilton.

The next day I lunched at Bagatelle, the new hot beach restaurant, with Carol Asher, Jonathan Lorie at Jon Jack Murray. After, Mariana Advocate had a dinner party for Rena at her home with Christian Voightliza and Robbie Tsangese, Thomas Leckerk, Santiage Gondolas and Allasdar Dundas. The following lunch was with Valesca Hermes, at Rena and Mack’s home. Today we’re off to our favorite lunch place, Club 55.