Haute 100 Miami Update: Alejandro Sanz To Sing Duet With Antonio Banderas


Two of the world’s biggest Spanish stars to date; Latin music’s sensation Alejandro Sanz and Hollywood’s Antonio Banderas will come together for a great cause at the Fourth Annual Starlite Benefit Gala where Sanz will also receive the gala’s 2013 Humanitarian Award for his philanthropic accomplishments and activism.  The event will take place in Marbella, Spain on August 10.

The Gala, which also marks Banderas’ 53rd birthday, will feature a very special musical number with the two stars. “Antonio, you’re not going to escape and you’re going to sing a song with me” said Alejandro- extending the unofficial invitation to which Banderas responded “you guys are crazy to make me sing! But for the gala I’ll do whatever. And for a million Euros ($1.3 Million)  I’ll strip naked”

The Starlite is an annual Gala dedicated to serve as an international platform which benefits several foundations and known for the support of respected spokespersons that with their presence bring media attention to causes like education, primary needs, cancer etc, with the aim to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged families and communities with no resources.