Haute 100 Miami Update: Robert Wennett and Tishman Reveal $1 Billion Final Convention Center Plans

The fight for the opportunity to remake the Miami Beach’s aging Convention Center took another step today with the final reveal of Rem Koolhaas and South Beach-ACE’s exciting plans. Local partner and Haute 100-Lister developer Robert Wennett is partnering with Tishman Group, who have executed similarly large-scale project such as New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center. Between hidden parking lots, a unique plan to make the Jackie Gleason an amphitheater, modernist designs involving acres more green space by beloved Miami landscape designer Raymond Jungles the plan seems poised to win the nomination. But it will take a little longer to find out who wins as the city has delayed the original June 5 vote in order to take more time to consider who will win the bid, Tishman or Portman. The information is complex because both proposals involve a convention center overhaul and hotel and the possible development much of the center’s 52-acre district with residential buildings and parks. The redevelopment of the area will bring about drastic changes of the area for the better along with attracting a better quality of conventions and shows into the area.

Check out the Tishman Group video here.