Saks Sits Down With Celebrity Favorite Designer Ramy Sharp


With Spring fast approaching in Miami, Haute Living has teamed up Saks to bring you an exclusive preview of the season to come in fashion. Romina Nabhen, the Fashion & Fifth Avenue Club Director for the prestigious store Saks Fifth Avenue, recently sat down with designer Ramy Sharp, the creator of the line Ramy Brook. Ramy’s sexy, sophisticated pieces aim to make fashion simple, and we’ve got her scoop for Miami’s style crowd!

Romina Nabhen: You have some amazing convertible jewelry pieces such as the chain necklace with sunburst medallion. How many ways can it be worn?
Ramy Sharp: The necklace can be worn short or long. It comes with the Ramy Brook logo, a brass sunburst and a sharks tooth in leather. You can wear both together or separately. The chain can also be worn as a bracelet.

RN: What are your top 3 must-haves from your collection?
RS: Hard to answer since I love them all. My go to tops are some of the Ramy Brook originals, called the RB essentials since the stores re-order them every season. The Harriet halter, the VR2 and the crop pants. Both tops can be worn with the pants and look like a jumpsuit.

RN: Your Harriet top is versatile and perfect for the Miami fashionista. How many ways can you wear this top and what colors does it come in?
RS: The clients keep coming up with news ways, we are up to 6. Comes in every color under the rainbow and then some.

RN: I own your leather & boucle jacket and found it to be perfect for an evening out in Miami. How do you mix leather and other materials in order to create wearable pieces that transition from season to season?
RS: For Spring and Fall we wanted to add a special touch to our clothing. We added white or black leather to the jackets, shorts and tops. Leather adds a little something unique to the Ramy Brook look but remains sexy, classy and timeless at the same time

RN: You have many fun and flirty dresses. What do you believe is the most universally flattering silhouette for all women?
RS: I love a short sexy dress. The Marcie dress is short and sexy. It can also be worn off the shoulder which adds to a great night time look.

RN: What is your advice on finding the perfect pants according to your body type?
RS: It’s important you dress for your body type. I would advise women to try them all until they find something they feel comfortable and sexy in.

Ramy is pictured above, wearing a dress from her line, with actress Blake Lively. Photos courtesy Ramy Sharp.