Kara Ross Debuts Gorgeous New Collection of Fine Jewelry and Handbags

With sweeping views of Central Park, Kara Ross showcased her gorgeous new collection of jewelry and handbags on the first day of New York Fashion Week.

Most everything in the new collection can be described as statement pieces, and her inspiration for these new pieces are very earthy, ranging from snakes to fossils.

Of course Kara uses great snakeskin’s in her handbags, but when it comes to the jewelry, she has created a snake out of “Ebony” resin which has allowed her to design statement pieces that are light for the wearer. Layering the resin with jewel-toned bezel set stones creates a pop of color that is easy to match with anything.

The Horn Collection feature hand carved wood horns with 18k Gold and Diamonds. Continuing the Ebony Resin motif, she made a new shape of horn and has incorporated them into bib necklaces, single pendants, and combined with the snake motive and coiled it around them.

Our favorite pieces came from the natural Ammonite Fossils. Kara says that after many trials she finally created the exact resin color for the Ammonite with unique striations—and they are truly timeless.