“Go Out Tonight” With Curtis Stigers

“Sons of Anarchy” fans will recognize Curtis Stigers’ distinctive voice in the opening credits of the show. And, even though the Emmy-nominated musician falls into the jazz category, being featured on a TV show about outlaw motorcycle gangs demonstrates the power of this multi-genre artist.

“Fans of music are much more open to different styles of music and blurring the lines across genres than critics, publicists and record companies,” says Stigers. “Those groups want to put it into a box. … And that’s been the blessing and curse of my career, because I don’t fit into a box. I do make music that moves me and that works for me.”

Curtis Stigers

That’s most obvious on his 2012 release “Let’s Go Out Tonight,” a 10-song album featuring the works of Bob Dylan, Eddie Floyd, Richard Thompson, Jeff Tweedy and Hayes Carl, among more. It’s the first album he’s put out since 2003 which doesn’t include any originals, yet he calls it his “most autobiographical” compilation. Spanning from folk to rock and pop to traditional jazz, Stigers is an appealing and approachable musician, who’s comfortable as a vocalist, songwriter, saxophonist and guitarist.

He returns to Aspen this Presidents’ Day weekend for a three-night run at the JAS Cafe at the Little Nell. He performs Feb. 15, 16 & 17 at 7 and 9 p.m. Tickets are $35 and available here.