Michael’s Restaurant Introduces New Menu To Attract A Younger & Hipper Crowd

The midtown media hot spot Michael’s is introducing new lunch and dinner menus in an effort to attract younger diners. While the establishment’s classics like the Cobb salad and the burger will remain, the new menus feature more small plates like duck confit sliders and Korean tacos.

“People would rather go and have six bites of six different things than six bites of one thing,” Michael McCarty, the restaurateur behind the iconic eatery, told The New York Times. “And that is something that I started really analyzing two years ago. The paradigm shift has occurred, and this is the way that people want to do it.”

McCarty teamed up with the restaurant’s executive chef, Kyung Up Lim, to develop the new menus infused with shishito peppers, Korean fried-chicken wings, specialty cocktails and homemade pizza.