Get Fit with Hi2T at The Aspen Club

With exercise trends like CrossFit and Warrior Dash sweeping the nation, carving a niche in the fitness world has become even more important. That’s why the Aspen Club has introduced its own training regimen, Hi2T. The program, pronounced “hit,” stands for high-intensity interval training, and its inaugural six-week run starts on Thursday.

The combination of anaerobic exercise with brief recovery periods in the hour-long session serves to boost endurance and fitness levels, and professional monitoring means that participants can actually measure their results throughout the course.

“Hi2t incorporates all of the best attributes of our most popular group fitness classes and
combines them into one program,” says Tim Power Smith, Director of Operations at The Aspen

The class will be free to members, and the club is offering an introductory rate to those who get on board for Hi2T. The Aspen Club is a private membership club, and is also home to SpaAspen and the Sports Medicine Institute.