Aspen’s Red Mountain is Where the Billionaires Live

It’s no secret that Aspen is a playground for the rich, but where they call homebase while here is another story. When the average single-family home price in Aspen proper is $5.9 million, according to the Land Title Aspen October 2012 report, it’s not hard to hit a pitching wedge and strike a millionaire’s vacation home. But, to find the billionaires, a new article coming out in Forbes’ Dec. 24 edition shows that one ought to head to Red Mountain.

Rising above town on its namesake Red Mountain, homes here can boast views of all four ski mountains–depending where in neighborhood one is. Forbes breaks down the upper and lower Red Mountain street by street, and some of its inhabitants aren’t surprising.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ parents, Jackie and Miguel, have a $20 million, 10,600-square foot home on Willoughby Way, the same street on which hedge fund billionaire Daniel Och also built a $20.3 million home. Alex and Lorraine Dell, parents of Michael Dell of Dell Computers, have a $10.5 million home on W. Reds Road, and Wal-Mart heiress Ann Walton Kroenke and her husband Stan have two houses on their $20.5 million property, which also includes a 1,600-bottle wine cellar, according to the article. For the complete article, visit here.